It is coming up fast: USAC Regionals and is just around the corner, both figuratively and literally. We are hosting the event at Stone Age this year and although it may not be just around the corner from your house, it is a lot closer than Arizona or Utah. Also the event is happening December 9th, 2011. Just barely over a month away and we will be tearing the gym down and putting it back together with challenging problems for the big and small. As we’ve been reminding all our team members, the best way to prepare at this point is to CLIMB A LOT! You all have memberships, use them. Come climb with friends and team mates after school and on the weekends. Theoretically you have about three more weeks to prepare and then it is time for some recovery before the championship. Regardless of performance, you should all know that the coaches are pretty pleased with the season and it is all due to your efforts, congratulations.