Practice will continue like normal on Monday and Tuesday for all teams. After Tuesday, athletes are not allowed in the building.  If they come inside, they will be disqualified.
-Regionals Team Dinner/Pot Luck @ U-Mound
On Wednesday 5/11 we will be having practice at U-Mound (4-5:30pm), followed by a potluck style team dinner @ City View Park.  This event is open to all the teams.  One of us will be bringing T-shirt paint for anyone interested in making a custom Mojo t-shirt for Regionals, and I think at least some of the coaches are bringing  water-guns!?
To get to U-Mound:
Take Tramway to Copper, and head East.  Copper ends at the trailhead to U-Mound, and we will be hiking up as a group at 4:15.  The Bouldering area is Northeast of the trailhead.
To get to City View Park:
Take Tramway to Copper, and head East to Jewel Pl.  It’s just down the street from the trailhead to U-Mound.  Please bring a dish to share.  The signup for this is here