First Season Team Members:

  • Must Attend 90% of practices. Must make every effort to arrive on time.
  • Must have a C average in school.
  • Must comply with USA Climbing Competitor rules (see USAC Rule Book)
  • Must sign the Team Mojo Agreement and return info paper.
  • Team members must attend 2 local (USA Climbing sanctioned) competitions per season.
  • Must familiarize your self with the USA Climbing Rulebook
  • Must climb regularly outside of practice
  • Personal training is highly recommended for accelerated progress.

Second Season (or more) Team Members:

  • Must meet all previous requirements.
  • Must maintain a current USAC competitor membership.
  • Must attend 2 local (USA Climbing sanctioned) competitions and the Regional Championships each season.
  • Must accept any invitations to compete at Championship events.

Required Equipment List – Bring to every practice.

  • Well fitted pair of climbing shoes. Please ask a coach for assistance.
  • Harness
  • Belay device (must use GriGri for lead climbing)
  • Chalk Bag
  • Water Bottle
  • Tennis shoes
  • A bag to contain all your equipment.
  • Bring a snack if you get hangry.

Team Rules

  • Must follow all of Stone Age Climbing Gym’s rules.
  • No candy or soda during practice.  Sports drinks and energy bars are okay to eat in front lobby.  Water bottles are allowed on the gym floor.
  • Must wear athletic clothing to practice.
  • Must wear team jersey or apparel at team events and all competitions.
  • No booty shorts, skinny jeans, or climbing shirtless during practice or at events.
  • Must respect Team Members, Coaches, Stone Age Staff, and public.
  • No loitering in front lobby.
  • While on trips team members are expected to leave no trace.  Leave an area the same or better than when we arrived.  Whatever is packed in must be packed out.
  • During team trips all team members must arrange to have an appropriate adult chaperone unless otherwise stated.
  • If a team member is unable to attend practice please give the appropriate coach a courtesy call, txt message, or email.

Team Benefits & Privileges

Abuse it, you loose it.

  • Well behaved team members are exempt from Stone Age’s policy that you must be 14 years old to use the gym unattended.
  • If under 14, you must pass a belay test administered by the owner or managers of Stone Age to belay outside of scheduled practice.
  • Parents of team members are entitled to an Intro to Gym Climbing class free of charge. Normally $29.95 for non-members.
  • Opportunities to buy equipment from our climbing team sponsors at or below wholesale. Team member’s equipment only!


3 Strike Policy

Climbing is a Dangerous sport, because of this the obedience and discipline of team members is not only a characteristic one should strive for but is also a safety concern.  If a team member chooses not to listen to a coach they may be putting their safety, or the safety of another member at risk.  In rock climbing this lack of safety could cost someone his or her life.  It is for this reason that Team Mojo has a very strict 3 Strike Policy.

It works like this, 3 strikes you’re out.

Strike One

If the coaches feel like a team member is not fulfilling the Team Mojo Agreement they will have a sit down conversation with that team member.  The coaches will then tell that member what issues the member is having, and to correct these issues.   The parents will be contacted about the problem and will be told that the member has had their first strike.

Strike Two

If the Team member continues to not meet the Team Mojo Agreement they will be asked to leave practice immediately.  Team member’s participation may not resume until the parents have arranged a meeting between the parents, the member, and the coaches.  The member will be asked to write an action plan on how they will correct their problem.  This statement will be due at the following practice.

Strike Three

If a change still has not come about the member will be suspended from the team.  After a suspension period of one month the member may reapply to join the team.  This application must include a formal apology to the team as well as an action plan on how they will correct their problem.  The application will be considered by the coaches. If they are accepted back on the team, the team member is considered to be on “probation” and any further infractions will result in a permanent suspension from the team with no opportunity to rejoin.


We hold tryouts twice a year for Team Mojo.  One at the beginning of the and Speed season, and one at the beginning of the Bouldering season.  Invitations to join the team are based on two parts, the athlete’s performance at the tryout event, and (for existing members) a performance review of the last season.  We also take the social dynamics of each team into consideration. Existing members are not guaranteed an invitation to come back, regardless of whether or not they had strikes against them.