New Mexico Mojo hosts open tryouts bi-annually. Tryouts coincide with the two “seasons” in youth competitive climbing, basically defined as bouldering season and sport and speed climbing season.

The two seasons are set by USA Climbing and defined below:

“Bouldering: A number of individual, short routes or “problems,” are attempted without a climbing rope but with landing mats for protection”

“Sport: Routes are climbed on lead or top-rope, with the competitor belayed from below.  For lead, each quickdraw is clipped sequentially.  Speed: Routes are attempted on top-rope, with the competitor belayed from below.  Competitors are ranked based on how long it takes them to climb a specific route (usually standardized).”

Rules are outlined in the USA Climbing Rule Book and in video that follows.  For specifics on each season please go to either the Bouldering Tryout or Sport and Speed Tryout pages