We will normally  hold tryouts the second Saturday  in August. Tryouts will consist of a number of activities, including climbing, and last about an hour and a half.  The activities are used as a guide to find motivated athletes with an affinity for climbing.  As coaches we want to create a culture of upbeat individuals who are not only passionate about the sport but are also excellent ambassadors.  As a prospective athlete, tryouts are just as important for you as they are for the coaches.  They allow a child to get a feel for whether or not the competitive team is the right fit for them.

There will be a climbing portion which will consist of a redpoint style mini bouldering competition.  All the rules will be explained beforehand in case the prospective athlete has minimal competition experience. For climbing lingo definitions please refer to the resources page.

Tryouts are open to anyone between the ages of 7 and 18 who are interested in becoming a member of the Team.  To participate in tryouts you must sign up in advance using our sign up form (see link at bottom).

If you are new to the team, and are not a member of Stone Age Climbing Gym, you must purchase a day pass to participate in tryouts. A day pass costs $15.95, and we will throw in the rental equipment you will need for the day.  Current members of Team Mojo must also participate in tryouts to stay on the team.

To Signup for upcoming tryouts click HERE